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Nobelforpeace-summits.org promotes equality, peace, and dignity for all humans. Our platform encourages all stakeholders of society to engage in peace and equality efforts. We also bolster women’s participation in leadership positions and advocate for gender equality in every area of society. We promote a culture of peace through peacebuilding education, alliance with the general public for more robust demand for peace, and legislative advocacy for the same.  Through our work, we cause citizens to show empathy, compassion, respect others’ dignity, become an agent of peace, and eliminate gender disparities. Nobelforpeace-summits.org tackles all forms of discrimination and support equality as the basis of social justice and human right.


Our mission is to encourage peace, champion peacebuilding causes, and discourage government conflicts through our campaigns and advocates.


Our vision at the Nobel for Peace Summits is to create equality, peace, and dignity for humans in every sphere.

What We Do

We advocate for peace in society, dignity for humans and labor, and equality for all gender in every sphere of society.

About The Ways to Promote Gender Equality in Daily Life

The World Economic Forum (WEF) researchers have revealed that gender inequality would end in a century. While it may seem challenging, it’s encouraging to know that many hands are on deck to tackle gender disparity, which has to do with other forms of discrimination, including racism, xenophobia, and homophobia.


In most parts of the world, household chores and childcare remains women’s duty. Individuals must make a conscious effort to change that tradition in their homes to encourage the division of labor, alleviate stress, and foster financial independence

Support Women

Very few women are in positions of power globally. About 23.4 percent of women hold legislative power, and 17 countries boost female heads of state. We can do better by advocating for women’s leadership and supporting them when they run for office. Moreover, women and LGBTQI have little presence in science, sport, art, and another field. Support them in these areas.

Demand Equal Salary for Equal Work

UN data have revealed that for every dollar a man earns, women obtain a mean of 70-90 cents. Hence, it’s vital to recognize and advocate for corporations that offer the same payment, bonuses, and benefits to workers with equal responsibilities.