Our Program

Know all the way we promote gender equality in daily life

Where We Work

Although our efforts at developing peace, equality, and dignity among humans are global, our organization members carry out their actions within their provinces and nations. This measure will help to access people who need our support more promptly.

We’ve ensured that our assignments touch five geographical territories, including Africa, particularly South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Moreover, we also work in the Americas, precisely the USA, and Chile in South America. Our primary centers in Asia and the Pacific are Japan and Thailand.

In Europe and Central Asia, our centers are in Switzerland and Austria. Moreover, the center for our organization in the Middle East is in Lebanon.

Furthermore, there are several other regions in which we operate to ensure the efficacy of our works.

What We Do

We advocate for peace in society, dignity for humans and labor, and equality for all gender in every sphere of society.

Happy People

Equally, Distribute Household Chores and Childcare

In most parts of the world, household chores and childcare remains women’s duty. Individuals must make a conscious effort to change that tradition in their homes to encourage the division of labor, alleviate stress, and foster financial independence.

UN published a research in 2015, revealing that women from developing countries engage in more than 180minutes of unpaid work (childcare and domestic duties) daily more than men. However, in developed countries, women do 120minuites more, on average.

Further research showed that the excess domestic duties on women heighten their likelihood of developing mental illnesses, affecting their career life and salary. 

Support Women Contesting for Powerful Position

Very few women are in positions of power globally. About 23.4 percent of women hold legislative power, and 17 countries boost female heads of state.

We can do better by advocating for women’s leadership and supporting them when they run for office. Moreover, women and LGBTQI have little presence in science, sport, art, and another field. Support them in these areas.

Hire Diversity

In the workplace, particular positions don’t belong to some people based on their race, gender, social class, or language. The workplace should encourage diversity cause it leads to better innovation.

Organizations and companies can promote diversity by removing addresses, names, and pictures on resumes before the selection process during an interview. Besides, this move will eliminate prejudice in the workplace.

Check for Domestic Violence

There are various forms of domestic violence ranging from physical, psychological (controlling, manipulative, and intimidating), verbal (insults and threats), and even economic. Source for institutional help if you discover an acquaintance is a victim of such abuses. If you suffer the same, kindly note that it isn’t peculiar to you; therefore, seek support.

Avoid Making Discriminatory Comments

Never make remarks that insult, humiliate, or shame females, black people, native people, the LGBTQI community members, or other relegated factions. Moreover, speak up when you hear others pass offensive comments against these groups. Converse honestly with your loved ones and colleagues to avoid making chauvinistic, racist, transphobic, and homophobic slurs.

Pay Attention

It takes a longer time to end discrimination when people don’t believe in its reality. Ensure to figure out your personal bias and challenge them to the point of eradicating such beliefs. Furthermore, when others specify disturbing remarks in your speech, kindly evaluate and accept your wrong.