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Advocating Peace, Dignity, and Equality for all members of society.

What We Do

We advocate for peace in society, dignity for humans and labor, and equality for all gender in every sphere of society.

Happy People

The World Economic Forum (WEF) researchers have revealed that gender inequality would end in a century. While it may seem challenging, it’s encouraging to know that many hands are on deck to tackle gender disparity, which has to do with other forms of discrimination, including racism, xenophobia, and homophobia.

Moreover, the positive impacts of narrowing gender gaps are becoming apparent in today’s world. Research points to the rise in the global gross domestic product (GDP), with more women in the labor force.


In most parts of the world, household chores and childcare remains women’s duty.

Support Women

We can do better by advocating for women’s leadership and supporting them when they run for office.

Hire Diversity

In the workplace, particular positions don’t belong to some people based on their race, gender, social class, or language

Check for Domestic Violence

There are various forms of domestic violence ranging from physical, psychological (controlling, manipulative, and intimidating), verbal (insults and threats), and even economic.

Avoid Making Discriminatory Comments

Never make remarks that insult, humiliate, or shame females, black people, native people, the LGBTQI community members, or other relegated factions

Pay Attention

It takes a longer time to end discrimination when people don’t believe in its reality. Ensure to figure out your personal bias and challenge them to the point of eradicating such beliefs

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developing peace, equality, and dignity

Although our efforts at developing peace, equality, and dignity among humans are global, our organization members carry out their actions within their provinces and nations. This measure will help to access people who need our support more promptly.


Be part of our movements seeking to stimulate youths with the stories of determination and peace demonstrated by Nobel laureates worldwide.


Colin Poneli

Colin Poneli is the founder of this blog Nobel for Peace Summits for advocating Peace, Dignity, and Equality 


Brian Tee

Brian Tee is the co-founder of this blog. He works for equality of the people for 5 years to make the world equal.